Foggy by Robin Mitchell-Cranfield & Judith Steedman


At the Word On The Street festival (which is, incidentally, my new favourite festival) I picked up a bunch of books and was reminded that I should really start reviewing, or at least mentioning the books I’ve got backlogged so I can dig into these new ones and share them with you. First things first and all of that.

So, awhile back I TOLD you about the book Foggy which was illustrated by Vancouver artists Robin Mitchell-Cranfield & Judith Steedman. The illustrations are pretty amazing as they’re basically tiny sets that they construct and then take photos of.

I won’t give any spoilers but basically it’s a kids book about a dude named Cloud and his dog Foggy and they go on an adventure. It comes with a CD with music that you’re supposed to listen to when you read it and this music doubles as… well… just great music. I gave the book to our youngest BLOGGER (pictured below) and not only does he love it but he also loves dancing to the tunes on that CD, LISTEN to one and LISTEN to this other one and then go HERE and check out all the details on this book, the authors, and more.

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