Heebeegeebees part 3


Ryan Walter Wagner’s photos have been featured in such major publications as Ad Busters, the Georgia Straight, and the Vancouver Sun.

Ben Jacques’ artwork is derived from a mix of 80s cartoons, 60s psychedelic posters and Steven Spielberg films. It will leave the taste of acid in your mouth for weeks.

Steve Louie is a Vancouver based photographer whose mission is to document the local independent and underground music scene.

Myths are an electro dance music duo who elevate their performances with a combination of face paint, percussive vocals, and strobe lights to leave you doused in sweat wondering if what just happened was real.

Haunted Beard are a noisy three piece experimental electro outfit whose influences include star wars, goblin masks, toilet microphones, and being massaged.

All of these artists will be showing thier work at this week’s instalment of Heebeegeebees the Halloween inspired music and art series at Chapel Arts (304 Dunlevy) 7-11pm, Thursday October 21st.. in the DTES. Along with Dj sets from Heebeegeebees organizers, Tristan Orchard (Hunk the Drunk) of winniecooper.net and Glenn Alderson of Beatroute Magazine. Admission is by donation, which also gets you two for one admission to the after party at Honey Lounge (455 Abbott).

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Buy your $10 early bird tickets tickets at the door or online for the Heebeegeebees Finale Party Saturday Oct 30th featuring djs and live sets from Love and Electrik and Peter Breeze.