The Veggie Option: The Templeton


There are some really great vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Vancouver, and as a vegetarian, I love them. My meat loving friends, not so much.

As the veggie, a lot of times when eating out you have to suck it up and hope that there’s more than a lame iceberg salad on the menu. If you’re a meat eater, it may be annoying to worry about the vegetarian in the bunch. So, let myself and my carnivorous friends eat out for you!

With the veggie option, my hope is to give you a review of the meat free options available at restaurants around the city.  A meat lover will weigh in on their dishes as well. Then we can be happy and eat together in harmony, give peas a chance, blah blah nom nom.

Please note, I am a food enthusiast, not a trained chef. I also may have a drink or 4 while eating these meals. User discretion is advised.

Restaurant: The Templeton 1087 Granville Street

Eaters: Josh, an emphatic meat lover and vegetarian experimenter. He is going vegan for a month.
Lana, a vegetarian who would like to write a menu of food & music mash-ups (ex. Chicken CacciaToriAmos)
Amanda, the type of person who eats to live, but still appreciates a good tasting dish..
Lizzy, a vegetarian born to a bacon loving Jew and roast adoring Canadian. She kisses boys who devour Alberta beef.

If you enjoy a good diner, then you must go to The Templeton. Their authentic décor is still kitschy retro, though their menu has kept up with the times.  They have a great list of vegetarian and vegan options.  If you’re a veg who misses gravy or bacon with a wild passion, they use mushroom gravy and have veggie bacon, so go to town!  Meat eaters should be pleased to know they feature organic and free range meats.

The Templeton is a small diner, so expect a little wait during dinner hours and especially on weekends.  They serve breakfast daily until 3pm, and are fully licensed (in case you crave a spiked milkshake at 2pm).

What we ate:

Amanda:  Poutine, house chipped fries, aged white cheddar topped with vegan mushroom gravy

Josh: Vegan Lentil Loaf, lentils, veggies and nuts with a hint of curry, with fries a side of mushroom gravy

Lizzy: Asian Noodle Salad

Lana: 3 Cheese Organic Macaroni, aged white cheddar, Gorgonzola, Parmesan, topped with fresh tomato salsa, side organic mixed greens

Meat eater mentions: Josh, “This vegan loaf is surprisingly hearty and filling, with a meatloaf consistency. The mushroom gravy is a nice touch. It exceeded my expectations.”

Amanda, “I’m almost certain this is the best poutine I’ve eaten in Vancouver.”

Veggie verdict:  Lana, “Excellent mac & cheese. The salsa was a nice addition and the salad was tasty business.”

Lizzy, “Delicious! Every veggie meal I’ve eaten here has been superb.”

Expect to pay: Expect to pay: between $15 – 20 for an entrée and a drink

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