UNPLUGGED #13: Shredding State-Side, “From Scratch”


As you may be aware, I am a transplant to Vancouver from the U.S. Every year just before Christmas I send my pups off to a kennel for boarding then drag my wife and daughter all the way across the continent to the visit our families in Washington, D.C. and metro Detroit respectively. One week in each place then a tired flight back to YVR just in time for the New Year.

While I normally use this space to share a photo from the UNPLUGGED Flickr pool or write about an outdoor adventure in the greater Vancouver area the fact that I am State-side has prompted me to share something different. Living in the Lower Mainland I might forgive you for believing that the entire world of mountain-top fun only exists within 150 km of Vancouver. In fact, my native land is replete with mountains to shred and ridiculously talented riders to shred them. What you will find below is an example of some South-of-the-border talent in an original video titled From Scratch shot by Leland McNamara and Sam Tuor primarily in Lake Tahoe, NV. Watching it from this flatland position in the Eastern U.S. has me envying all of you and counting down the days to my return to the Lower Mainland.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

From Scratch (full movie) from Sam Tuor on Vimeo.