A couple of great friends were moving out of town and to see them off we went to our favorite chinese spot in our neighborhood, Peaceful Noodle. We frequented this spot together many times and have ordered the basics to the obscure. Though Peaceful has a large menu we have tried a great part of it together. Being their last meal here at our favorite local spot, we ordered our favorite dishes.

A dish we always order no matter what is their Szechuan Cucumber dishes. So much flavor with tons of garlic & chili peppers. Also their Beef Roll has become one of our staples. If not the beef roll, we’d get the potato roll. Equally as good. Peaceful also has one of the best Juicy Steamed Dumplings in town and we always get one to share. To add some vegetables into the mix we got a plate of mixed vegi’s and tofu. My buddy Chris loves the 1000 Chili Chicken which comes loaded with chili peppers. Not quite a 1000 of them but the peppercorns actually are what make this dish extra hot. It’s not a true Peaceful Noodle experience without some noodles so we tried a new noodle for us. This one comes cold loaded with bok choy, crushed garlic and chili peppers.

As always the food and service was great that night. My friends are now in Calgary settling in finding new food joints in their new city, but still looking hard for a Peaceful Noodle replacement.

Peaceful Noodle Restaurant
532 W Broadway