Earlier in the week, Bob shared with us all those great recipes from the Cannery.  Well….I’m not sure about you…but I don’t have those sort of skills, did you ever try the Salmon Wellington?  You know how flaky that pastry was?!?!  I’m getting tense and sweaty just thinking of trying to make one.  I’m still emotionally scarred from the last time my pastry turned on me.  I never thought I’d ever have to worry about breaking a window with a ball of dough, until I tried pastry.  Yeah..yeah…cold temperatures.

Leave it to the pros right?  Which is why you might want to try Eddy’s Pink Peppercorn which is on Kingsway near Dumphries.  Eddy was one of the chefs at the Cannery so he’s got the Wellington wired, along with a bunch of other favourites from the Cannery.  Of course the ambiance isn’t quite the same, but if the food’s good, I’ll take it.  And for those of you who do have the skills to make some of these great dishes at home, you’ll be happy to know that Eddy sells lobster oil too!