The Granville Island Storytelling Contest is off to a Great Start!


Vancouver is Awesome and ZenHouse Media are proud to present the first week’s winners in the The Granville Island Storytelling Contest. Go HERE to check out all the awesome submissions- the contest is going on until Feb. 10th with winners chosen every week, so get your story in soon!

Read on to find out why Amanda Sellers, Brianne Sheppard and Ocean Tang won this week’s prizes: an Insider’s Tour of Granville Island, earrings from Michael Dean Jewellery and a shopping experience at Edie Hats….

Grand prize winner: Amanda Sellers

Top 10 reasons of why I Heart Granville Island
1. It’s the first place I take out of town guests
2. It’s the best place to buy market fresh fruit and vegetables
3. I love to walk through the Art Gallery at Emily Carr
4. I love to sample the yummy Sake at Artisan Sake Maker
5. I am a singer/songwriter and some of my best shows have been at the Backstage Lounge:)
6. One of my favorite dates with my fiance was dinner at The Keg and then watching a play at Arts Club Theater
7. One time when I was parking on the Island, I bumped into my cousin who I had not seen for over 10 years!
8. The Ferry is by far the best means of transportation in the city
9. Sampling beers at The Granville Island Brewery is a must
10. I’m not a kid anymore, but the Children’s Market is a perfect stop after the brewery

My love for Granville Island is much too grand to write in 300 words.
Hopefully the fun in my pictures can depict some of my love, along with this video I made on Thanksgiving when my family was in town.


Amanda Sellers

Second prize winner: Brianne Sheppard

It wasn’t your average, every day run of the mill love story… it’s a story of redemption and kindness and how a ferry driver stole my heart. After a long day of taking advantage of everything that Granville Island has to offer with my toddler, from counting the turtles in the pond, to going in and out, and in and out of the child’s door in the Kids Only Market we were getting ready to return to the “mainland”. Tyson was grouchy and tired and sticky and I was exhausted. We happened to be the only people on the boat and the captain was a young, windswept Vancouverite. He cast his sympathetic eyes at me and called over my son, setting him down on the captains chair and letting him take the wheel as he wove tales of boats and birds and the brave men who sail the seas in False Creek. This stranger was taking time out of his busy day to make my day easier… and I will never forget him. After we got the the other side, and I managed to convince my son we needed to get off the boat I realized he had never asked us to pay. And my heart melted a little… I have never been back to Granville island without remembering that boat captain… and I make sure to pass on the goodwill myself!

Third prize winner: Ocean Tang

In 2001, my first date with Elisa was to Granville Island. It was a beautiful summer day, and I washed and detailed my Mazda Miata before picking her up, to create best first impression possible. On our drive to Granville Island: the top was down, the wind was in our hair, and I was feeling like a million bucks. While circling for a parking spot, I suddenly felt a ‘plop’ on my forehead. Next thing I know, bird poop was running down the side of my face. There was a moment of extreme awkwardness, and then the two of us burst out laughing. It was the start of a beautiful relationship and a wonderful blessing in disguise: I never had to worry about trying to be ‘cool’ around her ever again! On that date, we walked the market, and I stopped by the flower shop to get her a bouquet of flowers on the spot. We now visit the Granville Island Market at least once a month, for soup at Stock Market and we treat ourselves to a fresh honey dip donut at Lee’s. Elisa and I married on July 5 2008.

Aawww, let me tell you folks, Granville Island loves you right back. Looking forward to collecting more great stories and giving away amazing prizes from Island businesses! Visit us at, or see ya ‘round the Island.