Daily Flickr Pickr Day 394


Every day we share a single photo from our Flickr Pool shot by one of our faithful and talented readers (that’s you!).

Every now and then, a weekend comes along (like the one that just passed) where there is so much happening in Vancouver that you need a personal assistant and a calendar to see it all – that such a weekend invariably comes along when I am already booked up solid is an entirely different manner. Not that I’m complaining, however; I had both the time and the inspiration to actually go out and take photographs myself this weekend, and that is too rare in the winter to pass up. In an unrelated event, I also got to hold my sleeping niece who is only 8 days old! And eat pizza! So my weekend was a good one.

Consequently, when I visited the Flickr Pool this morning, I had hoped to see your photographic reports from events that happened around the city over the weekend, and you did not disappoint. One image that caught my eye (and hopefully will catch yours as well) was submitted by Julius Reque, descriptively titled Tonight in Vancouver: Lunarfest’s Lantern Aquarium.

Julius’ above photo from the Lunarfest events at the Vancouver Art Gallery this past weekend really conveys the vibrant colours, frenetic movement and festive atmosphere that I would have liked to have seen with my own eyes. But if you are like me and missed your chance to participate in the events at Lunarfest, fear not, because the Public Dreams Society will be doing it all over again (and more!) this coming Saturday. Details can be found here.