CBC Radio 3 Searchlight: Our National Competition Pt. 2


Not unlike our “The Local Competition” feature last week, CBC Radio 3 has taken it upon themselves to create “Meet The Nominees” posts where the nominees themselves describe their websites. Well I’ve poached these so I can show you what we are up against…

We already reblogged the first 20 nominees CLICK HERE TO SEE THOSE and then GO HERE TO GIVE US SOME VOTING-LOVE!today is the last day to do so before they announce the Top 20 tomorrow on Grant Lawrence’s show (11am-ish PST).


Painting Over Silence
: My focus is on Winnipeg – to provide a comprehensive list of upcoming concerts, to run features on musicians about to play here, and to post news about various Winnipeg-based acts …all with an unapologetic bias toward indie!Why: Good question – probably that my site may encourage readers to invest time (and maybe even some money) in some Winnipeg musicians that they might not have been exposed to before.
Check out… my feature on roots-rockers Twilight Hotel – they’re a (former) Winnipeg band everyone should hear; “former” because they recently relocated to Texas but, as with Neil Young, Winnipeg still claims Twilight Hotel as its own.

Broken Speaker
: The Broken Speaker focuses on keeping Canadian indie music fans up to date on new music, including live concert reviews, all with a distinct East Coast flavour.
Why: The chance to interact with the musicians, the fans, and the supporters of Canadian indie music make each word on the blog worth it.
Check out… our review of Hey Rosetta’s new album!

: We’re at T.O based mp3 blog and our main goal is to share our love of music, I know it sounds cheesy but its true, we love music!
Why: It’s all about the music!
Check out…my favourite post to write : Top 20 Songs of 2010

Sticky Magazine
provide exposure for great music, the people behind that music; we want to share those musically-induced sensations we get in our brains when listening to amazing music.
Why: Everyone who contributes to Sticky Magazine does so out of their love for music, and also probably through some mild form of obsessive compulsive disorder; the Canadian music scene, made up of both Canadian musicians and the artists that choose to pass through all great Canadian cities, is pretty motivating all on its own.
Check out… our Top 10 Concerts article. On its own, it may not be that amazing, but if you click-through to all our favourite shows, I think you’ll understand why we do it all.

ASAP Music Blog
: We have a wide range of musical loves, and we greatly support Canadian artists, Our goal has always been to have the blog reflect on those two factors. Good music is good music.
Why: Being able to write about something that we love, and even just having a single person read it and appreciate it. Plus, getting to know an artist or a band, whether it is through one of their songs, or having the opportunity to talk to them in person about their music
Check out…our interview with Lissie at the Biltmore back in December. Not only is she a talented singer and songwriter, but she was one of the nicest people we’ve ever met.

Panic Manual
: As a blog, we strive to discover and promote cool and interesting things for people who want to get out and explore both music and cultural events, without sounding like snobs. I personally want to introduce everyone to my favorite bands.
Why: Since our writers have such varied tastes, we feel this offers our readers a broad sampling of what’s out there, from the latest Canadian music to Chopin. Also, most of us have desk jobs and need distractions.
Check out…our most shameless post, the Earthquake review post, something we drummed up quickly just to get attention.

Punk News
: to provide an inclusive community-based site for the delivery and discussion of music news surrounding punk, ska, hardcore, emo, metal and indie.
Why: We have eight volunteer editors who work as teachers, lawyers, computer programers and more (as well as some alumni) who all came on board for different reasons, but we all share a love of the punk community
Check out…The Fest Vol. 9. We all love The Fest, which happens every year in Gainesville. We made a great comp for it last year.

Swim Drink Fish Music
Imagine a place where every river, every lake, every coastline is clean enough to swim in; pure enough to quench your thirst; safe enough, wild enough, to toss in a  line and pull out a fish for your family: Swim Drink Fish Music gives a voice to your water through musicians.
Why: We are motivated by the people: musicians, artists and advocates who all work to fight for a future where we can safely swim, drink and fish.  All the proceeds from Swim Drink Fish Music go to Canadian Waterkeeper charities who safeguard our watersheds 24/7.
Check out…Great Lake Swimmers, who supported our project, through four songs: Ballad of a Fisherman’s Wife , Everything is Moving So Fast , I Could Be Nothing – Live and Your Rocky Spine – Live

Underground Arts Railroad
Mission: To connect amazing people in the indie Canadian music industry,  help musicians get organized, help venues and festivals find  musicians and help everyone learn to market themselves.
Why: Canada is so geographically challenging for musicians that we wanted to create a way of hooking up all the people who are working so hard in remote areas to each other.
Check out…our micro granting program to enable artists to support each other. Artists donate merch, we sell it online at discounted prices,  and put the money into micro granting, for gas, application fees etc.

Winnie Cooper
Mission: We’re devoted to the artists we love. Here we talk openly about our secret crushes.  We share art with our readers: music, film/television & photography, but mostly music.
Why: We keep you up to date on all the latest musical happenings and scour the depths of the internet so that you don’t have to.
Check out: Our latest interview with Hot Panda featuring a dead tour bus!

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