Daily Flickr Pickr Day 409


Every day we share a single photo from our Flickr Pool shot by one of our faithful and talented readers (that’s you!).

As an inquisitive sort, the word ‘stumped’ is one that I try to use sparingly at best. Not that I can always figure something out, but if my interest is piqued, I start to dig. Conversely, I’ve also learned that some phenomena are simply beyond reasonable explanations. These things are often better left unexplored, and just taken at face value.

refreshment_66 has submitted a photo today that I can comfortably admit has left me every bit as stumped as I am intrigued. Scottsdale crew cab contains elements that in their basic forms I can understand: an older truck, showing its age and parked on a residential street on a slight grade; Canucks flags on the back windows; a stuffed, over-sized teddy bear wearing an unidentified (but possibly pro-Canuck) t-shirt riding in the truck bed. So how come when I add up all these elements I’m left scratching my head?

I suppose this is one of those cases where its the scratching of my head that makes me stay with an image for a while. And as much as I want to know more, I’m going to be satisfied with the fact that I am stumped. If I had happened to come across this myself, I would have stopped for a photo too.


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