Michael Christie passes the Vancouver Book Club torch to Lee Henderson!


Last night’s Vancouver Book Club meeting was so great! Michael Christie sat down with us in the Hideaway at the Waldorf Hotel and discussed his book, The Beggar’s Garden, which was our current selection. Book Club president, Lizzy Karp, and 20 or so book lovers showed up to this free event that we put on as one of our contributions to the literary scene in this city. I won’t tell you what we talked about with Michael for 2 hours but I will tell you that it was a lively and informative conversation and that all 4 of these meetings that we’ve done so far have yielded some pretty amazing conversations and more than a couple secrets and little known facts about these titles and the writers behind them. It’s been incredible to sit down with the author of each of our recommended reads in such an intimate setting to jam about their works.

And as it has become the standard, we announced the next selection of the Vancouver Book Club at the end of the night! Actually, we broke from protocol a little bit and had Michael pick the next book, and he picked Lee Henderson‘s award winning The Man Game! Lee actually showed up to the meeting so Michael was able to introduce the book and Lee to everybody. I haven’t read it yet myself but I picked up a copy this morning from a great little store in Strathcona which I will tell you about in the next couple of days. For now enjoy this photo of Lee and Michael, alumni of the Vancouver Book Club!

“That’s the guy”

OH! And get out and read The Man Game if you haven’t yet. We’ll be announcing the Book Club meeting in the coming weeks and Lee will most certainly be in attendance to talk about it with us.

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