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Design and Khalil Jamal go together like rum and eggnog. They just fit. As a Vancouver industrial designer, Khalil instills ordinary objects with unexpected elegance. He pays as much attention to the table settings as he does to the meal itself (Khalil makes a mean duck confit, so that’s saying something). He fires stacks of ceramic dishes to fuse taste with beauty. When he’s not redefining how we approach the dinner table, Khalil has one of those rare jobs where he gets to turn his daydreams into reality. Currently at Joel Berman Glass Studios, where they are creating a ceiling suspended glass sculpture.
Khalil is as unassuming as he is talented. Next on his list, the realization of a steampunk, copper still.
– Brie Wittman

khalil jamal proof
The Proof
01 While living in Calgary, an old roommate took this shot of our dinner table cluttered with a random collection of items and printed it at A0. That print has featured prominently in every place I’ve lived in since.

02 Pâté!: I really like food…

03 …and cooking, I could happily spend a day in the kitchen.

04 Slipcasting: with the wonderful Daniel Masse, I’m trying to prototype some plates I designed.

05 Joel Berman Glass Studios: where we’re templating a sculpture in plywood in preparation to make glass.

06 The Richmond dyke makes a fine running trail.

07 Exposed studs, while currently living through household renovations.

08 The view from the seawall on my walk to work each morning.

The Questions
What neighborhood do you live in?

What do you do and where?
By day, I’m a designer at Joel Berman Glass Studios and split my time between the studio on Granville Island and the production facility in Gastown/Railtown. Though I’ll soon be leaving to travel.

What are you working on?
Currently I’m:
– wrapping up at the glass studio,
– prototyping a set of plates I designed,
– collaborating on a public art proposal and
– contemplating a move out east

Where can we find your work?
My website is out of date but will be reinvented soon enough. I also have a twitter (@KJ_ID) which I should unlock..and get in the habit of using..

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