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Here’s the deal: Kim’s brain never stops. Ever. She is a walking, talking, poor-dancing idea machine. She is a creative addict who never stops conceptualizing. If you think your idea is great, ask Kim for her two cents. She can turn a neat idea into an enterprising possibility in a pinch. It’s really cool. She loves to write, design, and give back. Her vision has always been simple and she has no apologies for it: to do good work for good people. No jerks. That good work comes in the form of identities, sales materials, websites, tshirt designs, brochures, annual reports, tradeshow booths, and a whack of other stuff. Plus she donates a load of time and talent to charity. Because she believes that she should. She fired the last accountant who told her that charitable work would get her nowhere fast. “He has no balls,” she said. “And no heart.”

Kim definitely has heart. She also has an unstoppable need to stop civilians from leaving the grocery store with plastic bags. If she’s behind you in line, she’s going to force her eco-bag on you and buy another for herself. She can’t be stopped – in this, or in any other cause or creative conviction. Don’t even try. Your best efforts are futile.

Kim McMullen Proof

The Proof
01 Chocolate chip cookies from Finches Cafe in Gastown. They are the size of a fist. And they taste like Grandma made them.
Screw the calories; I have one a week. Okay, maybe two.

02 A beta version of an idea mapped out on the kitchen floor. Messy. Organic. Wrinkled. Insane. Bliss.

03 This is me leaving on a jet plane. Leaving on a jet plane somewhere, anywhere is my favourite thing.

04 The love of my life. The heartbeat of our office. The stink behind the silent farts.

05 I’m not gonna lie: I have a thing for typography. Like a BIG thing. It makes my heart pitter patter.

06 I grow stuff. Then I eat it. It should be the way of the world.

07 Baking = therapy. Baking cakes that look like stuff – like this lop-sided treasure chest attempt – make my brain buzz, my friends oooh and aaaah, and my tummy growl. So I pretty much love it.

08 Shoo-in cure for a bad day? Nephew playing Bon Jovi on the fly swatter air guitar.

The Questions
What neighbourhood do you live in?
Kits, baby.

What do you do and where?
I run a small graphic design and writing studio with heart in Gastown. So I design. I direct. I write. I strategize. I build marketing plans. I draw. I scribble. Basically, I use my right brain with the goal of producing killer creative for companies with a conscience.

When I need a break from all that, I design and write greeting cards for my charitable greeting card company, Uncle Phil.
It’s warm and fuzzy. The proceeds go to the Starlight Foundation. You should buy some for the holidays.

What are you working on?
Other than being able to do at least one chin up in my lifetime (a work in progress), I am working on some kick-ass creative for cool clients. Some brand identity for some up-and-coming local entrepreneurs, a full-fledged international marketing campaign and roll-out for a client we adore, some tv spot creative, some web writing. My fingers are in a lot of pies at the moment.

Where can we find your work?
Check out my corporate marketing work
Check out my charitable greeting card line
Check out my garden at Davie and Burrard.

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