Vancouver Book Club Meeting May 25


I picked up Lee Henderson‘s award wining novel The Man Game while still living in Toronto years ago. I was hooked immediately, and it remains to be one of my favourite books about Terminal City. Lee is a stand-up guy who attended the last Vancouver Book Club meeting and couldn’t be more excited to take part in our regular series of bookclub meetings.

We are thrilled to announce the next Vancouver Book Club meeting is Wednesday, May 25 at 7pm at the historic Vancouver Park Board office in Stanley Park. The evening is free to attend and we will be heading over to the Sylvia Hotel for cocktails after the casual group conversation and Q & A with Lee. Whether you have an already read copy on your bookshelf, or you just crack open the book the night before, everyone is welcome!

Pick up your copy of The Man Game at your favourite local bookstore (or the library). And for a little taste, here is a synopsis:

On a recent Vancouver Sunday afternoon, a young man stumbles upon a secret sport invented more than a century before, at the birth of his city. Thus begins The Man Game, Lee Henderson’s epic tale of loved requited and not, that crosses the contemporary and historical in an extravagant, anarchistic retelling of the early days of a pioneer town on the edge of the known world.

In 1886, out of the smouldering ashes of the great fire that destroyed much of the city, Molly Erwagen—former vaudeville performer—arrives from Toronto with her beloved husband, Samuel, to start a new life. Meanwhile, Litz and Pisk, two lumberjacks exiled after the fire, and blamed for having started it, are trying to clear their names. Before long, they’ve teamed up with Molly to invent a new sport that will change the course of that fledgling city’s history.

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