Herschel Supply Co.


Have you ever found a product online and thought to yourself “Holy crap, that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for and I didn’t even know I was looking for it!”? And then you do a little bit of digging, email the company that makes it and then realize that you actually know the person that owns the company and that they’re based in Vancouver and that their office is mere blocks away from your own? Okay, maybe it’s not a common occurrence but I had that experience with local brand Herschel recently, and I’m slightly embarrassed that it took so long for it to get onto my radar.

Herschel is heading strongly into their second year as what started as a side project for Lyndon Cormack has turned into his main focus. The line of bags that he dreamed up and then brought to life and managed to get into hundreds of retail stores worldwide in a very short amount of time is doing quite well. I visited their office and got a look at the line for next season and it’s seriously incredible. Classic, simple, functional designs at a price point that pretty much everybody can afford. I am so proud that our city is the home to independent businesses like this.

While I was at their office Lyndon was nice enough to give me the Study model, the one that I initially found online and went all “Holy crap!” over. It goes for $55 and it holds my 13″ Macbook Pro perfectly as well as books, my camera and all of the other crap I carry with me to and from work. It’s fully Lined with Herschel’s custom fabric, has an internal protective computer sleeve, removable shoulder strap and 2 front pockets. It’s available locally at One of a Few, Boardroom, Mr. Lee’s General Store and Plenty.

Here are some of the finer details of the Study model laptop bag…