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After a weekend like this, can we finally use the ‘S’ – summer – without it being the punchline to a tragically unfunny joke? I mean, if you didn’t get sunburned this weekend, you weren’t trying. Unless of course you are one of those people who don’t burn in the sun, in which case you can disregard that last statement and just look bronzed.

One of the most basic and time-honoured traditions of summer is a good old-fashioned swim. Better yet is jumping off something high into the water, unless you are one of those people that are afraid of heights, in which case you can disregard that last statement. Which brings us to todays’s photographic offering from Angel Wong. This is the kind of photo that begs of you to view it large – you can click through to Flickr to do that or click on this link here. I like the image a lot, and really like the scale of the figures in the landscape. I’d also love to know where this is as I have an idea but not with conviction. Here is Summer Bliss.


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