Dogtown Vancouver: Mona


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Today’s dog featured in Dogtown Vancouver is Mona, Billy L’s pup. Here’s what he had to say about her…

NAME: Mona.
BREED: Shihtzu.
HOOD: Port Coquitlam.
FAVOURITE SNACK: Taste of the Wild Wetland Duck Formula.
OTHER INFO: Mona came to us from Texas, when we first got her we noticed that she had a gimp arm as soon as she arrived. We soon found out it was permanently dislocated and that it will never stay in place. Given the news, we were advised by the doctor to send her back to Texas, amputate, or put her down. If we were to send her back to Texas it would have been her death sentence. As devastated as it was to know she will never walk on 4 legs, we decided that when we picked her we would raise her no matter what. She is now 7 months old and is a speed demon, running around terrorizing our other shihtzu, Koko. She also has limited function with her left arm where she actively punches our faces every day when we try to kiss her good night. We fell in love with her since we first met her and even on 3 legs, she is happy as can be.

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