Vancouver’s Most Awesome: John Furlong


If you’re not familiar with John Furlong then you probably haven’t been around our city – or our country for that matter – for very long. He led the bid for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games and was the CEO of the thing from start to finish. He wrote a memoir about his experience which I reviewed HERE and which I recommend you pick up. We’re honoured to introduce you to a few of the things that Mr Furlong considers to the be the Most Awesome in his city!

Photo: Courtesy D+M Publishers

What makes Vancouver awesome?
It has all the essential elements of the great cities of the world.

Who’s your favourite Vancouverite of all time?
I have never known a better one than Jack Poole

Who’s your all time favourite Canucks player?
Markus Naslund.

Could you possibly sum up your 2010 Winter Games experience in one sentence?
It was a notch above all I had hoped for.

Aside from Vancouver 2010, what do you think the most successful Winter Games have been, and why?
Salt Lake… it was the perfect learning environment for us and we won double gold in hockey.

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Do you still participate in sports?
I still exercise every day, walk, cycle and once in a while I hide out on the golf course

Is it fair to ask what your favourite Winter Olympic sport is?

How about your favourite Summer Olympic sport?
Track and Field.

Did you go to Expo 86? What are your memories of it?
Yes I did. My first memory of it was that it opened the weekend I became Canadian Squash champion but in general it was like graduation day for BC.

What was one thing that got edited out of your book that you wished hadn’t?
A few of the behind the scenes antics from Prague when we were awarded the Games.

What’s your next book going to be about?
No book in the works. A book on leadership has been discussed but a long way from becoming a reality.

What’s the single best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?
My mother told me to be humble and to never ever diminish the contribution of another.

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What’s the most awesome restaurant in the city and why?
Blue Water Café – it just is.

Photo by Denny Yu on Flickr

What’s the best place to be on a Saturday night?
At home by the fire!

What’s the best place to be on a Sunday morning?
Walking the seawall…

If I handed you 100 bucks, where would you spend it in Vancouver?

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