Super, Neighbours in British Columbia:
Fairmont Waterfront’s view of Helijet’s blackberry patch


Recently the Fairmont Waterfront in Vancouver and the Fairmont Empress in Victoria announced a partnership with Vancouver’s own Helijet. This partnership resulted in you now getting 15% off Helijet rates if you’re a member of the Fairmont President’s Club (which is free to join) along with the best available hotel rates.

HERE is the piece I did on The Empress flying over some piping hot tea to make the announcement of the partnership. The Fairmont Waterfront was also nice enough to host us last week so we could check out the view of the Helijet landing pad and other awesomeness, posing as tourists in our own city.

I don’t go many places (aside from the V.I.A. office) without our youngest blogger, two year old Arlo. Here he is below taking a look out of our room and down at the Vancouver Heliport, otherwise known as Helijet HQ. It’s that dock on the right, in the middle.

vancouver heliport

We were thrilled to see a Helijet flight taking off from it (he was a little more thrilled than I, but I still thought it was cool). Highlighted is the blackberry bush I recently did a quick PIECE on and which might still have a few berries clinging to it.


It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that early in the season the blackberry brambles over at Helijet are pollinated mostly by the 400,000 honeybees that make their residence in hives on the deck of the 3rd floor of the Fairmont Waterfront. Last year they harvested hundreds of pounds of honey from these hives. And yes you read that right: hundreds of pounds. Here’s photographic proof of some of it: a PHOTO of my coffee that I sweetened with honey that I bought at the Waterfront a few months back, and an image I grabbed of one of the hives.

urban beehive

Not far from the beehives is the rooftop herb garden which is home to a bunch of ingredients used in the hotel restaurant’s menu.


coriander plant

Dill (or is it fennel?).


I have no idea what this one is but I like the way the morning dew gathers on its leaves.

Various types of mint can also be found up here.

I’ll leave you with this photo I shot from our room of a freighter hiding in the early morning fog out in the Burrard Inlet.

Visit for info on rates and of course the Helijet partnership.

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