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This is some fantastic weather we are having lately, isn’t it? You’d almost think that summer isn’t over in Vancouver, and there is a good reason for that – it’s not. You see, the first day of fall this year is September 23rd, meaning that by default, it is still currently summer. Oh sure, classes may have started at school, but enjoy this weather while it graces us with it’s presence.

So having said all that, let us enjoy a photograph from Fred (aka Rebelrat) from something synonymous with summer in the Lower Mainland – the PNE. Sadly, the fair closed after Labour Day Monday, and all that’s left is the prize home lottery and a handful of cold, stale mini-donuts. But if you visited the fair this year, you may have noticed the new ride that is the subject of Fred’s photo – ATMOSFEAR. This beast swings you around at 70km/hour at an elevation of 218 feet! I didn’t try this ride myself, but if I did I would have heeded Fred’s sage advice – Better hang on to your cookies!


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