UNPLUGGED: Announcing A New Partnership, BC Parks


There are certain words in the English language that are reserved for special situations. These are terms we use carefully because to do otherwise would diminish their value. Some examples include love, family, beliefs, values and partners. You wouldn’t tell someone you loved them unless you really meant it right? Ok, well the majority of us wouldn’t. We take the use of these terms seriously because they represent something special, something we are proud of, often times something that defines us. So it is with a significant level of pride and unimaginable thanks to the hard work of our Managing Editor / Executive Director Bob Kronbauer that went into making this happen that I get to announce that Vancouver is Awesome has engaged in a new partnership.

As you know at V.I.A. we are ridiculously proud of our natural surroundings, so much so that we dedicate this weekly UNPLUGGED feature to extolling their virtues. As Vancouverites our mountains, parks, rivers and sea define our very existence. The care of much of this treasured land falls to a division of The Ministry of Environment known as BC Parks. These are the people who ensure we get to enjoy these gifts for years to come and it just so happens that this year marks their 100th birthday. In an effort to help promote BC Parks and all they do on the 100th anniversary of their creation V.I.A. is now officially a Community Partner of BC Parks.

As a BC Parks Community Partner we will be using this UNPLUGGED feature once a month to promote some of the excellent things they are doing for the Lower Mainland and beyond. In this months segment we are showcasing an incredibly well done video feature BC Parks is calling The Great Ranger Experience, an ongoing video series where various Park Rangers share their personal experiences working to promote and protect various BC Parks.

Today I have chosen to share a video entitled The Garibaldi Provincial Park Experience featuring Rangers Katy Chambers and Andy Turner. The video begins with a shot Katy Chambers speaking in front of a snowed in Elfin Shelter, the same shelter I featured in UNPLUGGED #10 under very different weather conditions (see below).

Elfin Shelter, © Michael Tedesco 2010

Check out this video and make sure to peruse the BC Parks web site to find ways you can join Vancouver Is Awesome in celebrating their 100th birthday.