VANCOUVER DAZE VOL. 40: Painted Rock Wine Tasting at Gotham Steakhouse


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Volume 40: Painted Rock Estate Winery‘s 2nd annual tasting party at Gotham Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar on October 20, 2011. More photos available on Flickr.

Painted Rock Wine | Gotham Steakhouse

On a random weekday afternoon, I popped into Gotham Steakhouse for Painted Rock’s annual private wine tasting and celebration.

Painted Rock Wine | Gotham Steakhouse

Everyone sipped on the fine wine from Pentiction. I stuck mostly with the fairly tasty chardonnay and merlot. Forgive me, I know next to nothing about wine or wine culture. I just know when I like it and it tastes good.

Painted Rock Wine | Gotham Steakhouse

It was a nice, fun setting done classy. I was surprised by how many people showed up. Fellow guests and I remarked that no one seems to work anymore. They all probably just found suitable excuses to drink copious amounts of wine during the day.

Painted Rock Wine | Gotham Steakhouse

I met with all the usual lifestyle, food, and dining writers mingling about with our constantly refilled glasses of red and white fine wines, nibbling on yummy appetizers in the middle of a Thursday afternoon.

Painted Rock Wine | Gotham Steakhouse

Randomly while Dennis and I were sitting by the window, host and broadcaster (our friend) Meena Mann was in the midst of a mini-little photo shoot with her wine. Needless to say, we thought it was pretty amusing. It was all-around fun times indeed.

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