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Adam O. Thomas is pure energy. I’ve seen him recreate the destruction of mountains under ancient tsunamis with nothing but his voice and a full-bodied gesture. What’s more, Adam does this in the service of getting actors to leap beyond their limitations or co-writers to see beyond the obvious plot twists and turns. Adam Thomas is pure energy with a point; he wants to get the creative job done with as many laughs as possible along the way. I met Adam in 1999 at the Blinding Light Cinema!  He was fresh out of film school, bursting with plans to overthrow the status quo. Since then, he’s made a name for himself in the independent film scene with over 22 comedic shorts through the comedy collective Narcoleptic Videographer and also the inimitable doc “Peace Frog Goes to Quebec”, a shot-from-the hip piece covering the 3rd Summit of the Americas with Adam in a frog costume. Adam’s also been instrumental in Vancouver’s independent media scene with his work in establishing the Only Magazine in one weekend out of the ashes of the old Terminal City.  He’s also a great bud, a bud of pure energy!

– Kevin Spenst


AdamOThomas Proof


The Proof

01 This was taken at first light in one of this regions greatest secret places. Storm Bay. You can only get to it by boat and have to bring everything in and out with you. When I left work to go on holiday I just told everyone I was going to paradise. I wasn’t lying.

02 One of the simple pleasures of summer.

03 My wife Sarah. She’s a great partner and knows a lot about Vancouver history.

04 I often take my daughter out for coffee and a muffin. I get the coffee. Then we go to comic stores and I buy her 25 cent old comics that she then paints on and/or tears up while in the back seat of the car. I stopped her here before she did either to my friends collection.

05 As it is the season, this was one of the two best pumpkin carvings I have ever done. Just look at the technique.

06 THE perfect quick picnic getaway pack. It’s got it all, a blanket, cups, plates, cutlery, even a spot for booze. Great for the beach. ‘Natch.

07  Inspired by the documentary Marwencol, so I did some doll installations. Hicks Lake is great in the summer.

08 I love this view and this is one of the last secret neighbourhoods in the city. Which neighbourhood? It wouldn’t be a secret then.


The Questions

What neighborhood do you live in?
Kensington. Up Victoria Dr.

What do you do and where?
I’m a filmmaker and writer…mostly. I dabble in many other things but I have always wanted to make movies, ever since I discovered it was a “thing” you could do. But I’ve always wanted to write too, so filmmaking seemed kinda perfect that way. Then running a magazine and freelancing took over from making a movie every week like we were doing for a few years. That was exhausting. But also amazing.

What are you working on?
Trying to convince HBO to buy my TV show. And in the off chance they don’t, writing another one, which will be even funnier and with more sleaze.

Where can we find your work?


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