Nicholson Road Week 68 – Buena Vista, White Rock


Nicholson Road is an ongoing photo project aimed at sharing and celebrating the different communities in Metro Vancouver. Each week Vancouver Is Awesome will be featuring an image from the previous week, shot in one of the many ‘hoods around town in order to draw your attention a little bit outside of the hyper-focus that we usually have on the City of Vancouver.

Metro Vancouver Is Awesome, and you should get out and explore it!

Buena Vista, White Rock

Buena Vista, White Rock

There’s something about White Rock in the winter that I find irresistible. Though November starts to bring the frost to Metro Vancouver (don’t even think about stripping down and going for a swim!), when the late afternoon sun blankets the region with that low, golden light under a big, clear sky, White Rock is one of the first places I want to be.

I head down to the waterfront promenade and stroll from one end to the other listening to the sounds emanating from the restaurants along Marine Drive, formerly known as (the equally romantic) Washington Avenue; or make my way to the end of the pier, enjoying the moonrise and reflections from the overhead carnival bulbs. This time I chose to explore the alleys and stairways to discover some of the remaining summer cottages and old apartment blocks, and enjoy the architecture of the (slightly larger) contemporary mansions.

But always, I stop to enjoy the beautiful stillness of this amazing little corner of the world.

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