The Proof – Kevin Kimmett


I met Kevin in art school 14 years ago. His face was pierced in 3 places and I wasn’t too sure what to make of him, really. Except that I was curious to learn more. I remember all of our first casual conversations and I can’t say that about anyone else in my life. To think, I married that guy 6 years later…I would never suggest it was love at first sight, but I suppose my intuition always knew he’d be an important part of my life. And that’s a gift in itself.

I’m really one of the lucky ones and met him early and boy, did I find a good one too! Never a day goes by that he doesn’t surprise me with his sharp wit, charm and absolute creative talent. He’s an idea guy (a curious one) and will try just about anything once, otherwise the thought of NOT doing it, plagues him. And me, as a result.

2.5 years ago while riding his bike home, a car hit him. A scarier time there never was for either of us. When you’re hit in the face with that amount of reality – it can ONLY change you. Since then Kevin’s become much more spontaneous, fueled with a renewed sense of adventure and craving new experiences. Always the avid mountain biker, he’s recently signed up for the 7-day BC Bike Race this June. I’m so proud of him and his love of life and how much he embraces his ideas and passions.

He’s definitely a good guy to have around. I love how much he reminds me of that, everyday.
Love, Mélanie Kimmett (his adoring wife)


The Proof
01 This is me and my wife Mélanie.  She’s my best friend, the love of my life, a truly phenomenal designer and illustrator and the reason we moved to Vancouver in the first place.

02 This is our cat Charlie, he’s always trying to cheer us up on those gloomy Vancouver days.

03 When I’m not on my bike or in front of a computer you can always find me covered with dirt at our plot in the Oak & 16th Community Garden.  These are carrots from my garden I planted way too close together.  I liked the way they fused together and created an exhibition of this vegetable oddity.

04 Enjoying the mind-bending spectacle of Animal Collective on stage at Coachella 2011.  We love multi-day music festivals, this was the 4th Coachella we have been to together. Music is always a part of my day – from when I first wake up to when I go to sleep at night.

05 Friends – check! Discreetly hidden drinks – check! Giant inflated outdoor movie screen featuring the classic film Ghostbusters – CHECK!  More than 2000 people gathered for the second annual Outdoor Movie Night in Yaletown on a 40’ x 20’ BIG screen.

06 I used to work in Toronto before relocating to Vancouver 6 years ago.  I still have a lot of conference calls with the old CBC team so I made this stuffed toy (as an effigy of myself) to ensure the team would never forget me.  He was named Lil’Kev and rumour has it he’s been put in many compromising positions.

07 BIKES! I love to ride.  When we first moved out here I signed myself up to the Summer Gravity Camp in Whistler – 6 days of DH – pure heaven.  I also commute to work, everyday.  When friends and family in Ontario ask how many times a year that is and I say 5 days a week for all 12 months of the year, I still think that they don’t believe me.  This year I signed up for the 2012 BC Bike Race, it’s 30km a day for 7 days all off-road!

08 My office workstation at CBC Vancouver.  I try and keep it nice and tidy – the mirror is so that no one can sneak up to jack me with a sock full of pennies while I’m absorbed in music/design.

The Questions
What neighborhood do you live in?
Just on the border of Shaughnessy.  (Oak & 16th)

What do you do and where?
I’m Senior Designer for the Digital Product Development team with CBC Media Operations & Technology.  We are a small team doing some big work. By exploring the ever changing and emerging media landscape we define ways for the CBC to better serve its audience through digital products and services including mobile, social media, advertising, and user interface/user experience. (i.e. I designed the first EVER CBC Radio and Hockey Night in Canada iPhone apps!)

What are you working on?
At work – Web and mobile apps, Connected Television, Second Screen interface and user experience research.  At home – my new web site, planning my garden, the ever growing pile of magazines and books, episodes of Mad Men/Breaking Bad/Dexter and training for the 2012 BC Bike Race.

Where can we find your work?!  Or you can google my name to see all of my social media endeavours.

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