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Ashley Forshaw is an experienced, enthusiastic and passionate makeup artist practising her craft in the Vancouver area. She is proficient in all aspects of makeup application from fashion to airbrushing to prosthetics.

Her experience includes makeup for movies, weddings,  promotional campaigns and magazine articles to name a few.

She loves sharing her knowledge and is currently an instructor at Blanche MacDonald School.

Her most recent special project was a year long effort creating a series of photo shoots which she incorporated into a dayplanner that was sold to raise funds for the ALS Society of Canada. (

When not pursuing her desire to learn and practice all aspects of makeup, she is an eager outdoors enthusiast as she loves to snowboard and skateboard.
Dance is also an interest as shown by her involvement in both hip hop and Zumba classes.

Ashley Forshaw Proof

The Proof
01 My work is all about painting the body and face. In an average week there is always one nude model in my house.
This model was painted to show the animals effected in the BP oil spill.

02 My Inspiration board, without this I would never get anything done, or at least never get anything done well.

03  I also create small prosthetic makeups, and in order to do this it is necessary to take a life cast of the model or actor.
This image is a stone replica of an actresses face. From this I created a fake nose and chin, that was applied to the actress.

04 Last year I created a 2012 calendar for the ALS Society of Canada. I produced 13 images all based around fairytales.
This is one of my favourite makeup. Face prosthetic, head to toe body paint, fake teeth, and a fuzzy fur texture covering the full body.

05 Some of my brushes, without these my work would look quite rough. It’s like being an online editor without a computer.

06 In addition to designing and creating the face and body makeups for the models, I also created the skirts. I am no fashion designer. My skill with fabric, consists of duck tape, fabric glue and chicken wire, but surprisingly one would never know.

07 In action. This was a body paint I designed for the Vancouver IMATS show. when you wore the appropriate 3D glasses, all of the organs appeared to come out from the body

08 A great combination of all things makeup. Beauty makeup, prosthetics, paint, and contact lenses.

The Questions
What neighbourhood do you live in?
I live in North Vancouver

What do you do and where?
I am a makeup artist and body painter. I work freelance all over B.C. as well I am an airbrush instructor at Blanche Macdonald Centre for applied design.

What are you working on?
Currently, I am designing a body paint for a competition in Florida

Where can we find your work?
Google Me.

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