CB2 Opening on Robson


Many of us live in small spaces and often, our inherited dressers and sofas just won’t fit. It’s a problem that people from Hong Kong to New York face, and now Vancouverites are navigating small-space living. Well Vancouver now has a store that caters to this urban problem: CB2.

The Robson street location opened to the public Saturday, but Friday was the media preview and opening party. There’s so much to see in this store, the media preview was actually a chance to pre-shop without the crowds, I’d imagine. The Chicago-based company focuses on small spaces, with pieces that are multifunctional and adaptable. Want your dining room to function as an office? CB2 has a solution for that. With clean neutrals and oranges and greens off a bright palette, the store stands out on Robson street. In fact, having the store on Robson rather than in Gastown or Yaletown, sends a message: decorating your home is fun and like fashion, there are trends. You can switch your look with colourful and playful accessories. With outfits like Nood leaving the city, CB2 is filling a gap…not too far from The Gap.