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A Little More Good A Little More Good is a Vancouver-based company for, and about, the little things. The small changes that anyone can make in their everyday life. The articles we write, the events we run, the causes we support and the people we reach are all part of our quest to make it easy to create positive change.Each month from here on out we will be making a monthly guest post on Vancouver Is Awesome shedding light on our featured Charity Of The Month!

On occasion, things can overlap in the best of ways. Peanut butter for example, is fantastic with both jam AND nutella. Similarly, there are a lot of organizations in Vancouver that are both awesome AND adding a little more good to the world. We’d like to introduce our February Charity of the Month: Beauty Night Society. We got a chance to chat with Executive Director Caroline MacGillivray on what makes Beauty Night awesome, life makeovers and her favourite way to a little more good. 

ALMG: In case someone hasn’t heard of you guys yet, what makes Beauty Night awesome? 

CM: Beauty Night is a community initiative that builds self esteem and changes lives for women and youth living in poverty through wellenss, life skills development and makeovers. In 11 years we’ve given over 16,000 Life Makeovers thanks to over 500 volunteers. We exist because we believe no one should ever feel isolated or on the outside looking in.

ALMG: What is a life makeover?

CM: When someone is able to believe change is possible and through incremental change is able to evolve one’s life by becoming part of a community.

ALMG: What is your favourite part of Beauty Night?

CM: Too many awesome moments. What I see all the connections between our participants and volunteers – their eyes light up.

It reminds me of kids at Christmas but we get to experience that 365 days a year.

ALMG: What happens to the women who receive life makeovers?

CM: Many reconnect with friends and family, access services through our community partners, in some cases find housing, become volunteers, and move forward through life.

ALMG: How can someone get involved with Beauty Night?

CM: Spread the word, volunteer or contribute to our cause.

ALMG: It sounds like there’s something for everyone. Lastly, what is your favourite way to do a little more good? 

CM: Doing what I am doing and mentoring future change makers – participants and volunteers.

Photos: Alexis Desaulniers-Lea

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