Super, Neighbours in British Columbia:
Local Edition – The Listel Hotel part 2: The Food at O’Doul’s


A few days back I made THIS POST about our stay at the Listel Hotel on Robson Street, noting it was a bit of a departure from our regularly scheduled Super, Neighbours programming as it’s located right here in the city and not another municipality.

While I may have had an excuse to have never stayed at their hotel before, not ever having dined at the hotel restaurant, O’Doul’s, now seems like it should have been deemed a criminal act. Their focus is on Pacific Northwest Coast cuisine and we were lucky to be hosted for a fabulous dinner as well as breakfast the next morning.

I have a friend who quit her job as an editor in order to go to cooking school and become a chef so that she can then become a food writer, so I always feel a little weird when writing about my dining experiences. Not being a schooled and eloquent food writer my primary area of expertise lays in simply putting food experiences to the “awesome” test for you…

…so as per my usual technique of “food writing” I simply sat down and enjoyed the meals, shot photos of them, and will share a summary of the experiences overall. The summary is that O’Doul’s falls well within our “If it’s awesome, we write about it” mandate, and the photos below will show you the quality of the presentation which you can use your imagination to come up with all of the incredible tastes that were present.

Dungeness Crab Chowder with Whiskey Cured Bacon

Canadian Rangeland Carpaccio with celeriac remoulade and cumin enriched smoked chocolate

Thiessen Farm Duck confit papardelle with arugula and fennel

Certified Angus Tenderloin with bone marrow pomme puree, organic beets and sauce diane

Golden Ears Neufchatel Cheesecake with Malted espresso anglaise and candied Aggasiz Hazelnuts

Ginger Date Sticky Toffee pudding, orange caramel, spiced whip cream

Yukon Breakfast with house-cured Back Bacon

Haida Benny

That’s it for our look at the Listel Hotel on Robson and their hotel restaurant, O’Doul’s. They’ve got another hotel up in Whistler and I’m supposed to be heading on a trip up the Sea to Sky some time in March so perhaps you’ll see more of the Listel on the blog in the coming weeks!