Furious Anger Fun Hour Has a Deal For You


There are certain qualities that I really appreciate in a salesperson. Great hand-eye coordination, a strong jaw, and the ability to make me irrationally excited about whatever it is they’re selling. Here, Furious Anger Fun Hour member Bryan Nothling is selling jokes. And I’m buying.

Furious Anger Fun Hour is sketch comedy group made up of four charmingly disillusioned theatre grads. They bring all of the professionalism, powerful performances and unnecessarilty complex vocal warm ups that you would expect from formally trained actors. But they come off like your four best friends just having fun on stage (if your four best friends happened to be profoundly funny and extremely talented gentlemen). They make great sketch comedy look easy at their regular appearance on East Van Comedy at Commercial Drive’s Havana Theatre.

Furious Anger Fun Hour is performing in GIANTS V: MURDER BY DEATH, a big-thinking comedy show at The Cultch for one night only on Saturday, March 24th. The show also features improv from Hip.Bang!, stand up Katie-Ellen Humphries, a hilarious old-timey radio play by Caitlin Howden and more!

Location: The Cultch – 1895 Venables Street

Tickets: Only $10. Advance tickets available online at The Cultch.

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