Random Acts of Awesomeness: Art Not Ads launches community photo exhibit at Rize Mount Pleasant


Sweet! Our friends at Art Not Ads have gone and done something super awesome: they’ve launched their community-driven crowdsourced photo project, Captures. Located on the corner of Kingsway and Broadway in a space kindly donated by the Rize folks, with help from the Vancouver Foundation’s Neighbourhood Small Grants Program, the goal with Captures is to “give people in the Mount Pleasant community a chance to create their own stories from the photos, while inviting others to become a part of this unique community with their own experiences”. The team expresses the want for residents to “see things that are amazing in their own community, maybe things they’ve never seen, or never stopped to look at” while also giving them a chance to connect on a new level by finding common ground.

Visit the project at Kingsway and Broadway, learn more about the project HERE, and stay tuned for more Random Acts!