WE ARE VANCVR: Meg Robichaud, Illustrator


Vancouver is an amazing city, chock full of creative talent. WE ARE VANCVR is a simple, elegant way to showcase all that talent in one place. Every Tuesday we profile one individual from the VANCVR community.VANCVR.com is a Domain7 Labs project. 

New Brunswick native Meg Robichaud has plenty of great things to say about the creative community in Vancouver. No wonder—fresh out of the Graphic Design program, the Art Institute grad has already developed a thriving freelance career in our fair city. Her cheeky illustrations have made appearances on board games, food and costume packaging, collateral for music festivals and even VIFF promotional material.

Read on to discover some other reasons why she loves being a creative in Vancouver.

What do you do?

I bridge the gap between graphic design and web design. While my training was in print design, most of the work I do is designed to be viewed on screen, be it over the web, a mobile client or in a presentation. My time is split pretty evenly between my sketch book, Photoshop and Illustrator—essentially making me a web designer who prefers not to leave the comforts of designing graphics. My strongest skill as a designer is my illustration style, as a result I find myself doing a lot of projects that are based around illustrations. This can be anything from entire brand identities, to infographics and t-shirt designs. Of course, not every project I do is about illustration, I also do a lot of icon, web and brand design with “clean & simple” in the requirements.

Why do you love being a creative in Vancouver?

Aside from the endless inspiration that you can credit to Vancouver’s beauty, I love being a creative in Vancouver because of the great strides being made to make Vancouver the next hub for start-ups and designers. Working closely in the start-up community has been an amazing experience. There’s not much that you can compare with surrounding yourself with people who are so ambitious that they sincerely believe they can change the world. Even better when you believe it too. All over Vancouver people are working incredibly hard to foster the environment that encourages these entrepreneurs to come to Vancouver, and work together. Even better: you see it working. Likewise, there are people all over the city working hard to build a collaborative design community. There are so many opportunities to meet new designers, work together and learn from each other. Even better: the number of opportunities is clearly trending upwards. As amazing as Vancouver is today, I think it’s just the beginning.

How would you like to collaborate with other local creatives?

Working as a full time freelancer, I am pretty excited to collaborate on any project, since most of my work is solo. That said, if I could pick anything, I would love to work with some local creatives to build really a interesting collaborative space or organization. Anything to contribute to building up the design community in Vancouver.

How can people reach you?

The best way to reach me is on twitter (@megrobichaud) or email (meg@meghanrobichaud.com) – faster on twitter, more in depth on email.