VBC – TOSOO: Week 6 contest photos and Week 7 inspiration


The Vancouver Book Club’s Spring Selection is Rob Taylor‘s poetry collection The Other Side of Ourselves and to get you into the right frame of mind we’re running a photo contest in the weeks leading up to the April 29th event.

Scroll down to the bottom of the post to read this week’s poem and find out how you can enter.

Last week’s poetry prompt was “Advent” Although it is a seasonal poem, many people still found plenty of inspiration for photographs.

“Silent Eye” by David Jez

“To Open” by Tara Lowry

“Not in Service” by Tara Lowry

“I stretch out my legs. We do not need poets./Dangle my feet. We need shoes.” by Carissa D’andrade

“We speed up, the city abandons its pursuit” by Carissa D’andrade

“We need garbagemen” by Liam Ford

Photo by Alais Mara

Photo by Alais Mara

Photo by Alais Mara

All photos submitted will be entered into a prize draw at the April 29 event.

Week 7

You Can’t Lead a Horse

On a blanket beside a river, lovers
listen to the silence of water.

All Gods, even the false ones,
are born from water.

Light will dance with many partners,
but none like water.

A newborn’s heartbeat
is the sound of swirling water.

God’s first decision:
to name the magma water.

In the lake’s mirror, mountains wriggle
like jellyfish diving deep in water.

The priest needs the silver basin.
His God needs only the water.

A plane crash-lands safely on the Hudson.
No one thanks the water.

A blue whale’s lungs are so large
they collapse without the support of water.

The woman is drunk.
She asks the water for waiter.

Trapped in sandstone for 10,000 years, raindrops
sometimes forget they are water.

When Patrick Henry said liberty,
he meant water.

The man ties his ankle weights
hastily. ‘Not now,’ says the water.

In seven billion years the earth will be fire,
Europa will be a blue sphere of water.

What we speak is rocks.
What we cannot speak is water.

The sound of the boy’s death moved through town
like a ripple of water.

– – – – –

To enter:

1) email the photo to us at books@vancouverisawesome.com. Put “TOSOO Photo Week 7″ in the subject line.


2) post the photo on the web and send us a tweet @VIA_Reads with the link and #TOSOO

Please make sure photos are at least 600 pixels wide. Photos must be your own work or you must have permission of the photographer.

The deadline to enter photos for this week’s poem is next Wednesday, April 18, 2012. We’ll post the photos, and the next poem, on Friday.