Scene and Heard: Last Week In Music Vol. 104 ft The Matinee, Good For Grapes, Portage and Main, Great Lake Swimmers, Portage and Main (yes, again), Poor Young Things, The Dudes


sceneandheard SCENE AND HEARD showcases the independent music scene here in Vancouver. We post weekly guest playlists comprised of Vancouver artists and ‘Last Week in Music’ highlights some of the best concerts happening around the city…

What a busy week! Some huge, and highly entertaining shows including the #TracksOnTracks launch…plus (almost) all the Portage and Main you’d ever want (they’re playing next week too, but I’ll tell you about it then) who killed it at The Vogue. This week is hella busy with lots of VCBW events happening amongst  festival launch parties and awesome indie shows…Read up!:

THIS WEEK IN MUSIC: begins with a launch party for the 2012 Khatsahlano! Music + Arts Festival hosted by Zulu Records on Wednesday – where Kathryn Calder, The High Drops, and Capitol 6 are playing – starts at 7pm. Friday is the opening night of VCBW, as well as a show at the Media Club ft The Mocking Bird, The Never Surprise, and Ali Milner. Saturday I’ll be at the Hop-Headbangers Ball which has a little bit of Sack Blabbath (yes I wrote that correctly!). Sunday, some more beer and music with Hoppapalooza at the Alibi Room – where Rich Hope will be playing! Then Scott Cook, David Newberry, Jenny Ritter, and Eric Nassau will all be performing at Little Mountain Gallery! Have a great week!