The Progressive Polygamists in GIANTS VI: THE FINALE


Most of us will never know a bond as strong as sister-wives Mercy-Ann and Eden-Grace. They share secrets, share a husband, and perhaps most importantly, they share a friendship. These Progressive Polygamists are a forward thinking pair. How many sister-wives that you know have toured Canada to critical acclaim? Probably not many. On May 26th, Mercy-Ann and Eden-Grace are reuniting on stage for GIANTS VI: THE FINALE, their first performance since they were named the 2011 Vancouver Pick of the Fringe Winners. In preparation for their return to the limelight, the folks at GIANTS Comedy asked them some questions.

On May 26th, The Progressive Polygamists will perform in GIANTS VI: THE FINALE, the sixth and final installment in the GIANTS Comedy series in The Cultch‘s Historic Theatre. The show features comedian and author Charlie Demers who will debut a brand new comedy he wrote for Main Street Theatre. GIANTS VI: THE FINALE also features performances from Graham Clark, Ivan Decker, Sister Act and more! For more information, guest bios and funny videos, check out

GIANTS VI: THE FINALE runs for one night only on Saturday, May 26th. Tickets are still avialable from The Cultch.