Join the Pacific Salmon Foundation in celebrating World Oceans Day!


Vancouver-based Pacific Salmon Foundation is dedicated to the conservation and restoration of wild Pacific salmon and their ecosystems. We work to bring salmon back, stream by stream through the strategic use of resources and local communities. We’re an independent non-governmental organization that guides the sustainable future of Pacific salmon and their habitat.

Our organization is a catalyst that connects and motivates people, communities, organizations and businesses to restore and regenerate Pacific salmon populations in British Columbia and the Yukon. Each month V.I.A. provides a platform for us to bring you something awesome concerning salmon in British Columbia!

Today, June 8th, is World Oceans Day, a day to consider the state of our oceans. The Pacific Ocean and Strait of Georgia are home to all seven species of Pacific salmon. Some species of Pacific salmon, such as sockeye, make very long ocean migrations. Other species, like pink and chum, head directly to sea from the freshwater where they were born. For all salmon species, the ocean is a place of growth and preparation for the journey home to freshwater where they will spawn and die, providing a critical contribution to bears, eagles, trees and all of the biodiversity that depend on salmon for survival.

World Oceans Day should also be a source of inspiration to take action. For some local inspiration, here are some Salmon Heroes who have made a difference in their local watersheds! Rocky Mountaineer’s Hub Wat explains why volunteerism in the salmon community makes a huge difference to us all:

Please join these Salmon Heroes in making a difference in your local watersheds by volunteering at your local streamkeeping group (a list can be found at or support the Pacific Salmon Foundation!