Tracks On Tracks – Day One


Hello from Tracks On Tracks!

I don’t know where we are currently….except that it’s Day 3 and my phone just switched to Central Time so…Manitoba?

We’ve gone through the Rocky Mountains and now the vast fields of the prairies, so our wifi/cell service has been…less than spotty. But I’m finally able to share my first post with you!

Day One started at Pacific Central in Vancouver with a Bon Voyage party with some delightfully cold Steamwhistle, loved ones saying goodbyes, and performances by Adaline and Maurice.

If you have seen Grant Lawrence’s post on CBC Radio3, by now you heard about Grant’s Great Growler Gaff. As we were boarding the train, Grant took off suddenly with my cart full of photo equipment and some liquor, most of which he demanded I get for him last minute. Violently and with reckless abandon he drove my cart into pothole, causing my growler full of delicious raspberry beer, that the good folks at Steamworks had generously donated to hydrate some needy musicians, to SMASH loudly on the platform. Precious beer guzzling through shards of broken glass on to the tracks. Grant then turned and yelled “CHRISTINE! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!”, grabbed his own beer off the cart and ran, leaving me to break the news to the musicians why they’d be thirsty tonight.

After the shock wore off, we boarded the train with much excitement and there was event champagne to celebrate as we waved goodbye to Vancouver and started our journey.

Collaborations and music (and drinks) flowed throughout the train until the wee hours and finally we decided to sleep. Our first full day with performances would start the next day…until then!