Artist studios for $70-$150 per month, thanks to the City of Vancouver


Wow. WOW! The City of Vancouver just announced “a number of measures that will significantly increase the availability of artists’ studio spaces, including over 26,300 sq. ft. of new studio and creative space that will be made available on two city-owned properties.”. As in, big warehouses in False Creek Flats and on Kaslo Street. They’ve also announced that they’re opening up 6 more field houses in Vancouver parks (HERE is the story we did on the original field houses motion a few months back) for even more space for artists, and the timeline for the former is looking like winter. As in, there will hopefully be a load of new artist studio space available, at a rate of $70-$150 per month, this winter.

HERE is a piece by Jeff Lee about it from the Vancouver Sun where he breaks down the numbers etc. I’ll keep you in the loop as this story goes from a motion at City Hall into actual spaces, so stay tuned.

Field house in Mclean Park where the Urban Weaver Project is currently being executed

The field house program just sent out a call for proposals, so if you’re interested in that space RIGHT NOW click HERE and apply! Applications are due July 9th, 2012.