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You know, as I was looking through the submissions for today’s Daily Flickr Pickr pool, and as I came across this photo from it, it made me think of that ghost sign that was discovered/uncovered when the building on the corner of Robson and Granville was torn down. I thought, wouldn’t that be awesome for people to discover/uncover this mural on Abbott and Hastings Streets 100 years from now when they tear down the building that’s going to go up in this vacant lot? How awesome would that be? I mean, I walk by this mural daily, and the artists that created and contributed to it are all unbelievable. For their artwork to be preserved when the building goes up is, to me, pure awesome and a fantastic legacy for people in the future to discover.

See you in a 100 years…

Enjoy Mural lighting up the vacant lot at Hastings and Abbott from it caught my eye.