WE ARE VANCVR: Matthew Billington, Illustrator


Vancouver is an amazing city, chock full of creative talent. WE ARE VANCVR is a simple, elegant way to showcase all that talent in one place. Every Tuesday we profile one individual from the VANCVR community.VANCVR.com is a Domain7 Labs project. 

Matthew Billington moved to Vancouver on a whim. Tossing caution to the wind, the Sheridan College grad packed up a car and came west to try to make a living doing what he loves. He had no plan, and didn’t know a soul, but the move paid off. In the last year his illustrations have appeared in publications galore—Wired UK, Conde Nast Traveller, AFAR, Avenue magazine and Exclaim! magazine. “It’s been kind of a whirlwind,” he says. “I’m loving every moment.” Read on to find out why he loves being a creative in Vancouver.

What do you do?
I’m a freelance illustrator/designer, working mainly in editorial, book publishing and advertising. My work mixes a combination of elements and styles, a collage of text and image, vintage and modern, to bring a unique voice to the compositions.

Why do you love being a creative in Vancouver?
The rain. It keeps me at my desk. Oh, and Japadog.

How would you like to collaborate with other local creatives?
I’ve recently had the chance to collaborate on a movie being filmed in Vancouver, doing some environmental design work. As a freelance illustrator, I mainly work from home, so collaborating with a team has been really refreshing. I’m always open to new opportunities and collaborating fellow Vancouver artists. Drop me a line anytime.

How can people reach you?
Email me at mail@matthewbillington.com

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