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Sophia is a talented illustrator, reliable worker, good writer, and has a fun and adventurous personality. I worked with Sophia for several years at Langara College where I got to see her grow as both an individual and artist. I believe people should regularly challenge themselves, embrace learning, and be open to new opportunities – I’m happy to say I see all of these qualities in Sophia. As a fan of Vancouver is Awesome, I look forward to seeing Sophia contribute to the great work you produce.
– Marie Chattertion, Director, Community Engagement at Ayoudo

The Proof

01 The view from my bedroom window, where I do most of my work and illustrations. Its quite peaceful and can provide much inspiration.

02 This is my dog Kairo. I love him to death! He has a big heart and has brought a lot of joy and love into my life. Whenever I am stuck in a rut he always ends up tossing me a tennis ball, reminding me that life is meant to be enjoyed and not taken too seriously.

03 I just discovered a place called Lucky’s Doughnuts on Main Street (via a few friends of mine). This is a sneaky shot of the staff making coffee and fresh doughnuts! Yummiest doughnuts I have ever had. The PB&J is my favorite!

04 My most recent illustration called “Decaying Heart”. The illustration is meant to depict a decaying heart being eaten/hollowed out by flesh eating flies. Its apart of a series of illustrations I am working on called “OF Flesh & Bone.”

05 Captured a dandelion during my evening run. It was one of those quite cool spring evenings where everything just stands still, as if the world was just frozen in time.

06 One of my favorite movies is The Godfather. This is the scene right after Michael Corleone shoots Virgil Sollozzo (a drug smuggling gangster) in the head.

07 On April, 01 2012 I got my first tattoo. The praying hands! I couldn’t be happier with it.

08 I lived in Melbourne, Australia for about a year and every evening while returning home from work I would stop by one of the lane ways and take a look at the graffiti artists painting and drawing on the walls. It was just fantastic!

The Questions

What neighborhood do you live in?
I live in East Van right between Main and Commercial. Its a great place to be!

What do you do and where?
I am a Graphic Designer & Illustrator. I work on freelance projects for studios and design firms in and around Vancouver. I have a rather small “studio” space where I work. I like to keep it small and quiet.

What are you working on?
At the moment I am working on a number of illustrations for an design agency as well as my own personal illustration series which I hope to have on display during the fall/winter of this year.

Where can we find your work?
You can find my most recent illustration works at
Also check out &

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