The Great Salmon Run 4-D Experience at the Vancouver Aquarium


It’s no secret that I’m a nut for salmon, and for fish and fishing in general. I came out as a sportfisherman in THIS Creative Mornings lecture I gave, have taken you on some fairly epic fishing adventures (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 to link just a few), and I’ve facilitated a partnership between V.I.A. and the Pacific Salmon Foundation where they’ve been blogging on our site over the past months.

So when the folks at the Vancouver Aquarium called and asked if I might be interested in helping to promote their upcoming world premiere of a 4-D film that will follow millions of Pacific salmon up river in British Columbia, the answer was fairly obvious: HELL YES.

The film is called The Great Salmon Run 4-D Experience, it promises to be nothing short of breathtaking, and the trailer is below.

It runs from September 21st until – November 1st and they’re having an after hours premiere of it the night of the 20th (details HERE).

Here’s the synopsis:
This wild 4-D adventure was shot on the beautiful coast of British Columbia and follows the Pacific salmon as they struggle to swim upstream. Hundreds of millions of Pacific salmon return to the mountain streams in which they were born. Their passage is fraught with danger – from raging rapids and waterfalls to hungry Grizzly bears. Other predators join the feast, including orcas, stellar sea lions, salmon sharks and the bald eagle. This captivating 12-minute show provides insight into the forces of nature, which drive a chain reaction culminating in a spectacular wildlife event. For some animals, it’s a window of opportunity, but for others, it’s the most dangerous time of their lives. Presented in high definition 3D with special sensory effects!

I think you know where I’ll be the night this opens. And I hope to see you there!

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