Scene and Heard: Last Week In Music Vol. 121 ft. Badgerchild, Old Mare, The Oh Wells, Good For Grapes, The Gay Nineties Aardvark Robinson, Tyranahorse, Bear Mountain, Arkells, Jasper Sloan Yip, The Ruffled Feathers


sceneandheard SCENE AND HEARD showcases the independent music scene here in Vancouver. We post weekly guest playlists comprised of Vancouver artists and ‘Last Week in Music’ highlights some of the best concerts happening around the city…

Action packed week here in Vancouver! I caught several shows at the Media Club including a killer one by Bear Mountain, saw the Arkells on a Sunday afternoon at the train station, and took a lottttt of photos. This week is crazy and I’m off to Victoria for Rifflandia. In addition to the photos this week, Portage and Main released their next video in their Undercover series…it’s at the bottom of the page. Check it out!

THIS WEEK IN MUSIC: is jam packed with indie goodness, as well as some big names. Let start with Wednesday night – Christopher Smith’s album release at the Waldorf with Snowblink and The Belle Game…not to be missed! Thursday I’m off to Rifflandia – if you saw this week’s playlist, you dont even need to know how many amazing bands I’m going to be seeing. If you can’t make it over to Victoria, you’re in luck because MANY artists are playing here, and there’s more good stuff in store. Thursday Chixdiggit is at Venue, and over at the Rickshaw, it’s The Crackling with Corbin Murdoch & The Nautical Miles. Annnnd if you prefer FREE shows, there’s another Fringe Festival show at the Agro Cafe with Tough Lovers, and BESTiEFriday you can see Sloan at the Commodore (I’ll be seeing them the next day in Victoria!) and Fields of Green, Tough Lovers, and Natalie Edward are at Joe’s Apartment! Saturday there is SOOOOO much happening, I don’t envy you guys. My 100% Fun-Time-Guaranteed show is Rich Aucoin at the Biltmore…it’s also his birthday, so make sure to sing to him. Over at Fortune, F***ed Up is also playing an early show with White Lung…and meanwhile at the Rio Theatre, the Sumner Brothers are having their album release show. And if for some reason, none of that tickles your fancy, White Buffalo and Northcote are at the Electric Owl too! Take Sunday off, have some brunch, recover, and then Monday check out Everlast (yes, this Everlast) at Fortune with The Washboard Union! Then sleep and dream of The Olio Festival.

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And here is Portage & Main (and friends) covering Calvin Harris’ “Feel So Close”