UNPLUGGED: Local Company Makes Tapp Water Filters for Outdoor Lovers and Developing Nations


WATER. IT’S SOMETHING WE TAKE FOR GRANTED HERE IN THE WESTERN WORLD. Until we are faced with a circumstance where this precious resource is undrinkable. People in developing nations know this all too well. That’s why Vancouver-based company Twothirds Water has developed a handy gadget that makes filtering water a cinch – both for outdoor enthusiasts and developing nations alike. Their Indiegogo campaignwill help finance a revolutionary new product that can benefit everyone. This is their story.
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Did you know that over 50% of the world’s hospitalizations come from easily preventable water-born disease?  Kevin Reilly and Bradley Pierik of Vancouver-based company, Twothirds Water, have seen the effects first-hand through their work on water projects in countries like Ethiopia and Haiti.

“When I was in undergrad I spent a summer drilling wells in Ethiopia, to find out if this is a field I’d like to work in,” says Bradley. “I fell in love with the work, and now for about 7 years I have been taking every possible opportunity to work with water in developing countries, and learn more and more about the relevant technologies and deployment strategies.”

The pair has made it their mission to help bring clean, safe water to the world with their new water filtration device, Tapp.  Simple and versatile, this water filter can make any water drinkable – even in the most challenging circumstances. Whether it be a remote hiking excursion, a kit filled with survival equipment or a village in the third world, Tapp is simple and effective.

Photo Credit: Tapp

Learn more about the project in this video:

Kevin and  Bradley founded Twothirds Water because they want to explore new approaches to get people clean water more effectively on a scalable model. Now, with every purchase of a Tapp water filter, their matching program will donate one filter to a family in a developing nation.

The project is still in raw format, which is why they’ve launched their Indiegogo campaign to help pay for the cost of manufacturing and distribution. Their campaign runs for the next 5 days and there’s still time to donate.

For more information about Tapp, check out their website. 

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