Van City Kitty: Meet Oliver!


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Here are the deets on Oliver, submitted by VIA reader : Jessica!

Name: Oliver

Breed/Colouring:  Domestic Short Hair/Tabby

Hood: Oliver currently lives in the Davie Village, though his previous haunt was East Van

Habits: Oliver has some good habits and some bad habits.  His good habits include not scratching the hifi speakers and voting with Jessica on the “No playing The Doors before noon on weekends” motion, thereby breaking the tie between her and her boyfriend Alex. His bad habits include running out the condo door to tear up the carpet in the hallway and discretely chewing on and tearing up certain fashion accessories he disapproves of, rendering them to impossible to wear out of the house.

Hangouts:  Solarium with a view of Davie Street, the tub after someone has showered, the dishwasher door, empty boxes.

Other Info: Oliver was a shelterino from C.A.R.E.S in Langley, adopted June 29, 2012. Shortly after adoption, Oliver’s people saw that he would fit much better in The Village than in East Van (despite his taste in beer) and so moved to the more suitable environment. One day, when they came home from work Jessica and Alex discovered that Oliver had turned on the stereo, clearly in the mood for some tunes. Instead of leaving Alex’s Velvet Underground album on, he changed it to the radio. It was Virgin, or The Beat or something else very dancy. He prefers the company of men (Jessica excepted) and thinks you look funny in those oversized plastic frames. 

Clearly the dishes are lacking a critical meal ingredient: cat fur.

Oliver has already lived in three neighborhoods.  Here he is posing in front of a bookcase and globe to illustrate his worldliness.

Oliver enjoys a cheap Pabst to celebrate his East Van roots.

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