Every week I compile a collection of the most mouthwatering food photos that I shot in & around Vancouver. The hashtag #todiefor denotes an item truly knee weakening in flavour. Questions? Tweet me @erinireland

Bourbon Pecan Pumpkin Pie by The Pie Hole – ‘homemade’ deep dish pie made in small batches, using pumpkins straight from the patch. What’s so great about this new little company is that they specialize in savoury pies – a rarity here in Vancouver. Check their menu here.

Namahata Rolls by CHAU VEGGIEXPRESS – quinoa, yams and a crunchy wheat center wrapped up in soy paper – these are irresistible (as were the other four dishes tried). Highly recommend this cozy, unassuming little vegetarian eatery on Victoria Drive.

Roasted Portobello Mushroom Breakfast Sandwich by Yolk’s Breakfast – get here! Chef Steve serves up intense-flavored, unique breakfasts from Wednesday to Sunday outside the skytrain station on Dunsmuir at Beatty. The Truffle Lemon Hashbrown skewers are over-the-top fantastic and made with local organic potatoes.

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Banana Bread French Toast by by Yolk’s Breakfast – what a thrill it was to wake-up to a tweet about this over the weekend. Panko-breaded, pan fried and served with a dollop of lemon honey  mascarpone – it was crunchy, moist and fully satisfying.

Carrot Cake Muffins by Quinoa Revolution Cookbook – my new favorite healthy pancake recipe. They’re big, fluffy and full of ‘stuff’.