The Portside Pub – Open for Business, and BANDS!


The latest pub to open in Gastown, The Portside Pub, is sure to be a big hit in the area and with the music community! The pub had it’s opening night on Sunday to rave reviews and for good reason, check out the photos below to see a bit more of what is in store…

The first thing we noticed and we incredibly excited about upon arrival was that the Portside has a STAGE! Anytime a venue opens up in Vancouver (no matter the size) it’s a good day. Check out the shot by my event-companion Leigh Eldridge below:

The Portside is three stories, with great sight-lines of the stage from the 2nd and 3rd. The bottom floor gives the feeling of the gully of a boat, which, given the nautical/east-coast theme of the bar, is perfect.

Oh the beer you will find here…24 beers on 48 taps spread out over the 3 floors (and they had 3 casks on opening night) – local favourites to international brews, there’s something for everyone! Oh and it has to be mentioned: a bathtub, that is also a tap for Jameson…

Okay, lets get back to the fact that The Portside has a stage…how awesome is that? Oh, and there are rumours that the Waldorf Productions team might be behind some of the future shows there…so this was a pretty great night to celebrate. For the first show at the new venue, Portside nabbed Rich Hope to perform…check it out:

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I’ve already fallen for this place, so make sure you keep an eye on their twitter, and facebook pages for events to come (here on VIA too!). Congrats on the opening!