UNPLUGGED Flickr Pickr: 05/52


Location: Hollyburn @ Cypress Mountain, West Vancouver

Surreal, cinematic, downright creepy and definitely absolutely brilliant, this painstakingly (I’m sure) composed image of a cross-country skier emerging from the night jamp right off of my screen today and smacked me in the face. What a totally unusual way of seeing one of our beautiful local mountains, for us as well as for the photographer. Really excellent in so many ways.

Thanks, Billy!


It’s that point in your consciousness where you can feel at one with nature, escaping the trappings of the day-to-day to an almost dream-like place where nothing else seems to exist besides you and your natural surroundings. It is our opinion here at VIA that Vancouver holds a unique place in the civilized world in that reaching this state often requires no more effort than simply pulling off to the side of the road, pocketing your keys and taking a few steps into the forest