UNPLUGGED: Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival


HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHAT IT WAS LIKE TO SOAR OVER THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN TOPS IN A WINGSUIT? Or spend all day climbing a distant peak, only to race to the bottom in mere minutes? How about bush bashing deep into the Amazon jungle or trekking across Antarctica in search of the perfect ice photo? The 16th annual Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival storms into town February 8-17, bringing with it all the adventure and wanderlust one could hope for. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect at this year’s big show.
Photo: Sherpas Cinema, "All.I.Can."

The Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival is now in its sixteenth year and will this year feature a visual cornucopia of outdoor adventure, fit for the adventurous at heart. Coupled with a variety of fascinating guest speakers, this will the the must-see outdoor event of the season.

The film festival offers up a travel and adrenaline smorgasbord of 60 films ranging in subject matter: skiing, snowboarding, ski jumping, mountain biking, paragliding, rock climbing, ice climbing, extreme rowing, and much more.

A variety of participating local theatres will host the films. Some of the highlight films include:

Chasing Ice – An award-winning film about National Geographic photographer James Balog’s mission to capture the melting ice pack before it’s too late. | February 16 @ 3pm, Rio Theatre

Ready to Fly – A documentary about the key players in the controversial bid to bring women’s ski jumping to the 2010 Olympic Games. | February 16 @ 3pm, Rio Theatre

Autana – Two climbers make a treacherous and dangeorus trek deep into Amazon jungle to attempt the first ascent of Cerro Autana. | February 8 @ 7:30pm, Centennial Theatre

For a full list of films, visit the online program guide. 

The guest speaker line-up is diverse and will feature climbers and mountaineer experts who have traveled to the far corners of the earth in search of adventure.  There will also be a few talks focused on subjects a little closer to home, such as a profile of the Sunshine Coast Trail. Check out the guest speakers list for more information.

If you have 3 minutes, here’s the film festival teaser, that will “rock” your world!

If you have a few more minutes, watch this gorgeous trailer for Chasing Ice:

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