Dogtown Vancouver: Bastian


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Today’s dog featured in Dogtown Vancouver is Bastian, Keith K’s pup. Here’s what he had to say about him…

NAME: Bastian (often shortened to Basty).
BREED: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
HOOD: S. Surrey.
OTHER INFO: Born June 23, 2003 in Duncan, BC (Kewpy’s CKCS), Basty is a 9 year old King Charles. His quiet demeanor is complimented by a charming personality. As is typical of King Charles Spaniels, he extends a paw of friendship to fellow canines and humans alike. Basty loves a good walk, during which he exhaustively checks and answers his p-mail. Two months after his 7th birthday, Basty faced significant health challenges, not the least of which was a diagnosis of Spinal Lymphoma. For the next 9 months, he endured Chemotherapy treatments that involved he and his human companion making countless early morning/late evening treks from their home in S. Surrey to Canada West Vet Hospital in Vancouver. The folks at Canada West treated him with the dignity and care he deserved, and although he wasn’t excited about the treatments, the level of love and care he was shown at Canada West made it endurable (especially his neurologist, Dr Michael Higgins and the nursing staff). Today, Basty is in remission. He continues to deal with follow-on issues, but seldom complains and continues to love life. Over the years, he has appeared on Breakfast Television and Dogs In Canada magazine. Details of his health challenges are entered in his blog.